FY 22 Update

2021-08-26 | , Miriam's Kitchen

On August 10th, the DC Council voted on the Fiscal Year 2022 budget. We are thrilled to share that this budget will end chronic homelessness for 2,370 individuals and end homelessness for over 1,150 families! 


Thank you!

This historic win would not have happened without your support. Together, you, our 110 Campaign Partners, and over 6,000 individual supporters successfully advocated for a budget that will end homelessness for over 3,500 households. This. is. Huge.


Historic investments to end homelessness

Half of these vouchers were funded by enacting a slight tax increase on our wealthiest residents which will not only end homelessness for an historic amount of people but will also make DC's tax structure more equitable and just. By leveraging DC's tax code to ensure that DC's growing prosperity is more equitably shared, the DC Council set a national example of what budgets and tax policy informed by a racial equity can look like. 


Fiscal Year 22 Housing Investments 


Please take a moment to say thank you to your Councilmembers!

We thank Councilmembers Nadeau, Lewis-George, and Allen for leading the charge for tax equity and Councilmembers Gray, Trayon White, Robert White, Silverman, and Henderson for voting "yes" on this important amendment. 

We also thank Chairperson Mendelson for funding 775 PSH vouchers for individuals. And today, we thank the entire DC Council for unanimously voting on a budget that, when combined with the Mayor's budget, will end homelessness for 3,500+ households. 

Please click below to thank your Councilmembers